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Ovi Horta (OH-vee Hor-ta) 

Ovi Horta is a versatile artist driven by music, community, and nature. Now based in the serene landscapes of the Kingston, NY, Ovi was raised in New Jersey, and embodies a rich cultural heritage with Cuban lineage. 


​A graduate of Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA, Ovi delved into the world of Music Business Administration. This academic journey laid the foundation for Ovi's multifaceted pursuits and lead him to intern and work at some of the largest music companies such as the Harry Fox Agency, BMG Rights Management, Sony Music Entertainment and Domino Recording Company. Later touring with The Mammals and various other folk musicians around the United States, Ovi began working independently providing freelance marketing, administration and social media services. In 2020,  The Ashokan Center hired Ovi full time allowing for the opportunity to became the in-house content creator and social media manager, working year around to produce high resolution documentation of all of their events whilst marketing upcoming events and growing their social media presence across all platforms. As of June 2023, Ovi decided to pursue his independent work again as a freelance media producer whilst also finding time to steward land. 

With a soul attuned to the melodies of life, Ovi's endeavors paint vibrant canvases and soundscapes that reflect the beauty of their surroundings. Ovi's dedication to understanding and appreciating nature stands as a testament to their identity as a naturalist. This bond with the natural world fuels a creative spirit, inspiring Ovi's work and fostering a profound connection between art and the environment. ​Ovi Horta's journey embodies a fusion of cultural heritage, artistic vision, and reverence for the natural world, shaping a narrative that transcends boundaries and resonates with the hearts of those who encounter their work.

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